How much is it for X people to reach the Y Hotel the Z (DAY) with a private water taxi?

Fill in the booking form directly on the page “motorboats taxi” to discover the final price of the service.
The price will not increase if the arrival point is near Rialto or St. Mark’s square.
The price of the transfer with a private water taxi depends only on the number of the passengers on board and on the time chosen.

Which is the maximum capacity of a private water taxi?

The private water taxi can transport maximum 10 people excluded the driver.

How many luggages can I bring in a private water taxi?

8 luggages.

Is an hostess or a guide included in the transfer service?

The price of the private water taxi service includes only the driver and not a guide or an hostess. 

My hotel is on the Grand Canal!

You’re lucky! 

Can I reach every part of Venice with my private water taxi?

Venice is an unique and difficult city especially concerning transfers. If your hotel has a water access, the water taxi will reach it directly, except for unforeseen meteorelogical events as high water or forbidden/difficult access to the canal.

Furthermore, our private water taxi service does not reach directly the private pier of the following hotels (5 minutes walk from the stop): Duodo, Splendid, Cavalletto, Saturnia, Bonvecchiati, Bonvecchiati Palace and Corte Grimani.

I need a transfer in the middle of the night. Is the service guaranteed?

Absolutely yes! Furthermore our call center is operative 24/7 to answer to every need/emergency.

In the section “Gran Turismo motorlaunches” I can’t find the route I’m interested in.

Our services are not limited to the routes listed! 

Contact us for a personalized service and require us a price quotation.

Remember to point out specific requests or special needs related to passengers (difficulty of access, disabled persons with restricted mobility, etc.)

Do Gran Turismo motorlaunches navigate in every canal of Venice?

The transit and the circulation of boats throughout the venetian Lagoon, and especially along the Grand Canal and canals of the historical center, are regulated by specific national and local laws. We can not guarantee that the personalized service is feasible, but we will indicate possible alternative solutions. 

I need a transfer for more than 100 people. How can I do?

Each “Gran Turismo” boat can transport maximum 100  people.

We can offer personalized solutions matching different kinds of boats, for example we can offer another smaller Gran Turismo boat or an option Gran Turismo + Taxi.

How much does it generally cost for a transfer with a Gran Turismo motorboat?

Fill in the booking form on the page “ Gran Turismo motorboats” to discover the final price.

The price depends on the route, the number of passengers and the selected time slot.